Who we work for

Cultural Alignment for a Wealth Management Team


Our Client, a medium sized provider of wealth management services with offices nation wide

The Challenge

As one of the earliest players in the wealth management space, our client had grown steadily over time, evolving from a small tightly controlled firm to a medium sized player with offices nation wide. The leadership team was however becoming increasingly concerned that with growth the brand was losing its distinctiveness within the marketplace, and this would soon begin to adversely affect its performance

The Solution

In analyzing the situation, we discerned that the heritage of the organization and the values of its founders were a source of considerable pride for many long-term employees, but though the years of growth had been lost to newer employees. Our market analysis indicated that that while these values had been key to the organizational focus and cohesion that set it apart from its competitors in earlier years, they were still relevant and distinctive in the marketplace. We worked with the leadership team on a strategy to embed the values once again within the fabric of the client’s organization. Our efforts being quickly rewarded through the rapid adoption by employees of the phrase, “Our culture is our brand.”


Affirming the core values at the heart of our client’s organizational culture led to the speedy development of new business practices and processes that expressed and amplified the distinctiveness of our client’s brand in the marketplace.