Who we work for

Purpose For a Packaged-Goods Company


Our client, a leading family-owned manufacturer of private-label consumer goods with significant sales throughout North America

The Challenge

After two generations of family ownership and stewardship, our client desired to clarify the company’s purpose with the goals of ensuring strategic focus and coherence for future brand and business building initiatives, and to support a transition to non-family leadership for the organization when the time was right.

Our Solution

In analyzing our client’s organization though interrogation of its heritage and current situation through in-depth interviews with key employees, we discerned a great consistency in the beliefs of key employees regarding the higher-order values at the heart of the company’s offering for customers. This consistent viewpoint led to a series of facilitated workshops for defining the company’s purpose and values statement.


The new purpose and values statement is now embedded in the company’s on-boarding literature and training programs for new employees. It provides focus for the company’s current marketing and sales initiatives, and focus and coherence for new business building initiatives that are currently in development.