Peter Drucker famously declared “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”

Who are we to disagree with the father of management?

However, in our view, both are equally important.

A well-conceived strategy is crucial for winning in the marketplace.

A strong organizational culture–one that is coherent and adaptive– amplifies your current strategy, and your ability to respond to changes in the marketplace.

A weak culture–one that is incoherent–hinders both your ability to win and adapt.

We define culture as “The way we do things around here,” and our services provide clients with the expertise to nurture a strong culture for either their existing business, or new entrepreneurial ventures.

Our tools, frameworks and processes are informed by “best practices” in the business and academic literature, and have been specifically developed to enable speedy interventions leading to quick wins for our clients.

Our Culture services include:

Culture Assessments (specifically for Existing businesses)
This intervention is about diagnosing elements of your culture that can help or hinder your strategy, and recommending specific initiatives to amplify or diminish these elements.

Culture Shaping (specifically for new Entrepreneurial ventures)
This intervention is about clarifying the purpose and values at the heart of the culture for your entrepreneurial venture and recommending specific initiatives to make these integral to “The way we do things around here” for your organization

Culture Islands (For Existing businesses and new Entrepreneurial ventures)
This intervention is about helping new teams of talented employees from diverse backgrounds quickly learn how to work effectively together

If you’d like our assistance helping build a coherent and adaptive organizational, so your organization can become strong from the inside out, please contact us today