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Hilton Barbour

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Winning brands need to be able to do more than deliver extraordinary experiences at every touchpoint. They need to be able to evolve, change and re-invent themselves at a dizzying pace. And to be profitable, manage that change more efficiently and effectively than their competition.

That requires unprecedented levels of alignment and cohesion.

From a compelling organizational purpose, to a set of galvanizing values and beliefs that drive employee behaviours, each and every aspect has to rigorously thought through and executed flawlessly.

A career spent building winning brands has given me a unique set of skills to assist your business.

I ask the tough questions. 
Call it tenacity or an insatiable curiosity but I’m always try to understand why business’ are – or are not – successful. In my mind, questions lead to insight and insight always leads to solutions. That can be an insight about your customers, your brand or, even your competition but you can’t uncover it unless you’re prepared to challenge the status quo and ask the tough questions.

I understand the dynamics of change. Aligning your business to win often requires the tough task of getting teams to think and act differently. Those changes aren’t about process but about motivating different employee behaviours. Certified in Change Management, I’m able to assist you in driving those behavioural changes and creating winning brands.

My experience is diverse. 
I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a rich variety of categories and markets. As markets, consumers and brands become ever more interconnected the walls between sectors seem increasingly artificial. What I bring to bear is experience from global brands as diverse as IBM, Coca-Cola, Nokia and Ernst & Young and markets as unique as Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and Bulgaria.

I’ve a passion for creating winning brands by helping businesses become more adept at handling change and more effective at creating extraordinary customer experiences.

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